Welcome to LF RMX – my platform and a non-profit project at the same time. On this platform, I will release edits and remixes of tracks that I edited originally for my DJ sets.

LF RMX is the logical consequence of the way I approach music. When I play, a big part of the tracks I select, are edited. It all started as a hobby: now and then I would rework a track, strip it down or twist it around. Over the years, I would dive into more tracks and slowly, these remixes and edits would become the thing that coins my sets the most. Sometimes I fiddle around with the frequencies, sometimes I take a whole track apart to isolate that bassline, which fascinates me. Let it be that kick drum, I add to spice up the sound. With the deepest respect for the tracks I select, I look for their innate quality. When I play them, they become part of an orchestrated narrative. That's the sound I'm aiming for: I want people to step on a dance floor and hear with their eyes closed, that they are entering an atmosphere. My stance to techno is quite old school: I do think, that tracks need time to develop. The beauty of the trance electronic music can induce, needs time and air to breathe, it needs space, room to build up. For me, a set is not a pure showcase of tracks, it's so much more than the selection itself. The art of DJing, at least for me, goes deeper.

When I'm in the studio, I like to listen to tracks and work with them. It all started as a little spleen: I would listen to a track and immediately hear its potential for my sets.

I don't even have access to the raw music file, so I have to work with what was sent to me as a promo. Over the years, I got better and better in working with what I have in my hands. I learned a lot about sounds, frequencies, and perception. A change in frequency could alternate the emotional state of a track completely. Or it is that a beautiful arrangement fascinates me and it's just this specific sequence I want to extract and expose to the world in its sheer beauty. I have to say: it's a lot of fun sitting in the studio and fiddling around with tracks. Tickling their qualities until they become something completely different – or just a different version of what they were. What sounds familiar to you, but still disturbingly different, might just be one of my edits. Over the years, this editing process became a craft of its own.

LF RMX is the platform that will present selected edits in collaboration with the artists. Driven by the passion for music and through showcasing the work of other artists, another aspect became apparent: the platform would come to its full potential when it dedicated its profits to charity. The artists that I will release on the label don't even know about the edit until I approach them. That is why I am very thankful for their approval and support to make this project possible. I think we are onto something with these releases. Turning this joint venture into a beneficial endeavor just made sense right away. In Straßenkinder e.V., an organization dedicated to helping children who live on the streets, LF RMX found the right partner. The project was founded in 2000 and since then became a facility for kids in need. With a center on the outskirts of Berlin, Haus Bolle, the organization built a place of refuge and support. Here, the kids can come to get help with their homework. They are offered the chance to talk to someone and feel at home in a cozy, welcoming environment. They also find support in things as simple as clothing, attention or food. The center offers a variety of activities: football, communal cooking, short trips or just someone to talk to. The children that seek refuge here, are among the most underprivileged in Berlin.

It was an eye-opening and heartwarming experience to go to Haus Bolle. I played football with them, got to meet the kids in person and saw the work the social workers there do with my own eyes. It is one thing to know about poor children, it's a completely different dimension to actually see how basic the needs of these young kids are. Visiting Haus Bolle showed me, that the decision to work with Straßenkinder e.V. was the right choice. Next to Haus Bolle, Straßenkinder e.V. also offers help in the center of the city. It's not easy to get close to kids, that live on the streets. They live a tough life. But the people at Straßenkinder e.V. do a great job to help kids get away from the streets and reintegrate them into society. They also prevent them from ending up with not much more than a sleeping bag in their hand. This project really deserves all the support it can get – and if the passion for music can contribute to the well-being of young people in need, already a lot is achieved. If you want to know more about the project, feel free to check out their website: